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PRESS RELEASE: OPD5 breaks ground on another solar power project

Posted: February 3, 2021 at 8:45 am

OVERTON, Nevada (Feb. 02, 2021) – OPD5 recently broke ground on a new solar garden that is being built inside its Dinosaur substation located by the Pulte Del Webb area in Mesquite.

The contractor overseeing the construction is Las Vegas-based Robco Electric, Inc., which began work on the solar power project in mid-January. Construction is expected to be completed in early February, OPD5 officials said.

The renewable energy system will initially produce 33 kilowatts of power and is designed to be expanded to accommodate additional solar panels to increase production over time.

“This initiative is an opportunity for OPD5 to invest in the community now while giving us the ability to expand in the future,” said Mendis Cooper, general manager of OPD5. “We’re looking forward to expanding the use of renewables and to reduce our carbon footprint.”

To help pay for the project, OPD5 was awarded a USDA grant for renewable energy development assistance that funded 25% of the project. OPD5 will cover the remaining costs from existing funds. In its initial phase, the solar garden will produce enough electricity to power three to four average-sized homes.