PRESS RELEASE: Board Trustee Richard Jones receives NRECA CCD Certificate

Posted: October 7, 2020 at 2:07 pm

Board Trustee Richard Jones receives NRECA
Credentialed Cooperative Director Certificate

Oct. 7, 2020, Overton, NV – OPD5 Board Trustee Richard Jones recently earned his Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) certificate from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), which represents over 900 consumer-owned, not-for-profit electric providers in the United States.

The CCD prepares directors to fulfill their fiduciary duty as elected officials serving on behalf of their constituents. The Credentialed Cooperative Director program is the first part of NRECA’s three-part Director Education Program, consisting of five courses that focus on basic governance knowledge and the essential skills required of electric utility directors. The program requires attendance and a demonstrated understanding of the basic competencies contained in five core courses:

• Director Duties and Liabilities
• Understanding the Electric Business
• Board Roles and Relationships
• Business Planning
• Understanding Financial Planning

Upon completion of all five CCD courses, directors are awarded the Credentialed Cooperative Director Certificate by NRECA. OPD5 General Manager Mendis Cooper said “Richard spent his entire career in the electric industry. During that time, he gained extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the business and the industry. By completing this training, he is demonstrating to our customers the importance he places on continued education. He was not satisfied to rely on his past experience. He continues to learn and wants to remain current with a changing industry. This highlights his commitment to OPD5 and our customers by continuing the training and education required to achieve this national certification. All of us at OPD5 congratulate him for this accomplishment.”

Jones was elected to the OPD5 Board of Trustees in 2018.