Power Outages

Power outages may be caused by power suppliers, storms, failed equipment, lightning, wind, ice, trees, accidents, animals, fire, or vandalism. OPD5 is dedicated to restoring power safely and effectively to our customers in the shortest time possible. OPD5 asks for your patience during times of outages.

If an outage should occur

  1. Check your circuit breakers or fuses in your fuse box.
  2. See if your neighbors have power.
  3. Call and report the outage.
    Overton     (702) 397-2512
    Mesquite   (702) 346-5710
    If your power is restored and goes out again, call one of the numbers above to report the problem.

When you call be prepared to give

  1. Your service address, including location and nearest neighbor.
  2. Your name as listed on your electric bill.
  3. Your phone number.
  4. Details of the outage, for instance, lines down, flashes of light, blinking lights or loud noises that happened before the outage.
  5. If you get a busy signal please continue to call.

Your calls help our crews locate the cause of an outage.