Levelized Billing

If you would like to level out your electric payments, we have a plan that might be the answer for you. Levelized Billing is not a set amount each month, but it does allow you to level out the highs and lows throughout the year. Levelized Billing is computed by taking the previous 11 months KWH usage, adding the current month’s kWh usage and dividing by 12 to obtain a monthly consumption. To be eligible for this program you must have one month of usage history at the location. You pay the Levelized amount each month; if you pay late a 10% penalty is assessed. If you are disconnected for non-pay you will be removed from the Levelized Billing and placed back on the standard billing process. If you want to terminate Levelized Billing on your account you must fill out the termination agreement found below and the account must be settled in full.

Terms and Conditions for Levelized Billing

To participate in this program the current outstanding amount on your account must be 0 and you need to have a 1-month history of usage at your current location. If you are interested in participating please fill out the attached form and either mail it in or bring it to the office of your choice.

We have Authorization and Termination forms below. Please print, sign and bring to the appropriate office and we will be happy to assist you.

If you have any questions regarding Levelized Billing please contact Customer Service at customerservice@opd5.com or (702) 346-5710.