How to Read Your Bill

  1. ACCOUNT NUMBER: This is your OPD5 account number. Please refer to this number when registering your account online, calling, or emailing Customer Service. If you receive service at more than one location, you will have a different account number for that location.
  2. MEMBER NAME: This is how the name appears on your OPD5 account.
  3. PHONE NUMBER: This is the primary telephone number on your OPD5 account.
  4. MAILING ADDRESS: This is the mailing address as it appears on your OPD5 account.
  5. SERVICE ADDRESS: This is the address for the location served.
  6. LOCATION NUMBER: This unique number identifies your service address in OPD5’s system.
  7. RATE: This is the rate schedule assigned to your account. For example, Rate 1 is for Residential Service.
  8. CYCLE: This is your billing cycle; you can use this number and match it with the billing calendar available at the front desk or online at
  9. BILL DATE: This is the date when the bill is created.
  10. PREVIOUS AMOUNT DUE: This shows the amount of your last bill.
  11. PAYMENT RECEIVED ON: This Shows your most recent payment date and amount.
  12. CURRENT CHARGES: Amount of the current bill and any balances carried forward from the previous statement.
  13. TOTAL DUE ON: This shows the amount and due date of the current bill.
  14. USAGE GRAPH: This shows your electric kWh usage graph for a 13-month period.
  15. DAYS OF SERVICE: The number of days of the current bill, the previous month, and the same period last year.
  16. TOTAL kWh: This shows the number of kilowatt-hours used per month when comparing the current month, previous, and same period last year.
  17. AVG kWh/DAY: Breaks down the average daily kilowatt-hour usage and compares the current month, previous, and same period last year.
  18. COST PER DAY: This shows the average cost per day and compares the current month, previous, and same period last year.
  19. METER NUMBER: This is the meter’s serial number assigned to your OPD5 account. You can find this number inside the meter glass. If you have multiple accounts, you will have a different meter number.
  20. MULTIPLIER: The multiplier number is determined by the type of meter and equipment installed at the location. Ninety-five percent of the meters served by OPD5 have a multiplier of one, equal to the actual number of kilowatt-hours on the meter.
  21. TOTAL ENERGY USAGE (kWh): This shows the total kilowatt-hours used during the billing period. (PRESENT READING – PREVIOUS READING) x MULTIPLIER = TOTAL ENERGY kWh USAGE
  22. kWh BLOCK: OPD5 has a block or tier system. For example, the blocks or tiers for Residential customers are:
    1. BLOCK 1         1 – 500 kWhs            $0.0672000 per kWh
    2. BLOCK 2     501 – 2,000 kWhs         $0.0872000 per kWh
    3. BLOCK 3     2,001+ kWhs                 $0.0980000 per kWh
  23. TOTAL ENERGY CHARGES: The total cost of energy used. The charge per kWh is set by the rate schedule assigned to this account.
  24. MESQUITE RIGHT-OF-WAY FEE: This fee only affects customers in Mesquite, NV. The fee is 2% of the TOTAL ENERGY CHARGES.
  25. ROUNDUP: Roundup for Education is a program customers can sign up for to support the local schools in OPD5’s service territory. Participation is optional.
  26. BASE CHARGE: The base charge recovers expenses other than energy charges incurred by OPD5 to serve your location, including equipment, maintenance, metering, and billing services. (Alternate text: This is the fixed monthly cost associated with managing and maintaining Overton Power District’s miles of energized power lines throughout the service territory to guarantee all customers have safe, reliable electricity.)
  27. MESSAGES: This section provides essential information about OPD5’s services, products, and holiday closings.
  28. Total if paid after delinquent date: Total bill plus 10% late fee if the bill is paid after the due date.