Roundup for Education

Virgin Valley Participants: 254. Dollars raised $1805.78

Moapa Valley Participants: 240. Dollars raised: $1440.08.

Join in the big round-up today!

Just tell OPD5 to round up your monthly power bill balances to the next highest dollar figure and all of your small change donations will go to programs at local schools. You can choose to have your roundups sent to Virgin Valley or Moapa Valley. Call OPD5 today for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Round-Up for Education Program?

A. OPD5 will “round up” a customer’s monthly electric bill to the next highest dollar if the customer chooses to participate by signing up for this program. For example, if the bill is $88.33, it is rounded up to $89.00 and the extra 67 cents is contributed to the High School of their choice. The average annual contribution will be about $6.00.

Q. Can I allocate my Round-Up for Education Dollars to another school other than the one where I live?

A. The choice is yours, you can ask one of our Customer Service Representatives where you want your Round-Up for Education Dollars to be directed regardless of your service address. For example: if you live in Mesquite, NV and your grandchildren attend Moapa Valley High School you can request Moapa Valley High School as the recipient of your Round-Up for Education Dollars.

Q. How can I sign up?

A. On this website, in person, by phone or via email at:

OPD5 Overton Office
615 N. Moapa Valley Boulevard
Overton, NV
Telephone: (702) 397-2512

OPD5 Mesquite Office
731 Turtleback Road
Mesquite, NV
Telephone: (702) 346-5710