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GILA Control Building
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Question: How do I get the necessary documents?

Answer: Click on the green clipboard icon under Contract Details/Plans. You should be able to automatically download a zip file with all the necessary documents and plans.

Question: Can I see who has Prebid?

Answer: Yes. It is in the zip file under Contract Details/Plans.

Question: GILA-D-P007-10; There is no detail for the inground cable trays. Please give direction on the item.

Answer: The cable tray detail has been replaced with an alternate detail. Please refer to page 12-5 of the specifications.

Question: GILA-D-P007-ALTERNATE DETAIL A; Please provide clarification on if the cable trench detail is for the outside of the building connected to the vault.

Answer: The alternate detail is for the interior of the building. The vault at the exterior of the building is not part of this bid.

Question: GILA Control Building — Spec Section: 11.2.7; Indicates that all exposed surfaces of masonry block shall have an approved weather proof sealer applied. Are the intentions of this spec that both interior and exterior exposed surfaces?

Answer: Only the exterior of the building to be weatherproofed.